Friday, August 10, 2012

Candied Carrots

picture from Undressed Skeleton
 A new leaf....I love food whether it be sweet, salty, greasy, and healthy. I have been working nights for the last 6 months. I haven't gained any weight (fluctuating +/-5lbs) but I haven't been motivated to lose any weight either. Most of the recipes I have posted aren't too healthy either but that is about to change. I have several recipes that I am trying out and will give you my honest opinion about how they taste to a fatty food lover! I am starting a weight loss competition at my work that will be running over the next 8 weeks and I am hoping to lose about 15 lbs.

A blog (Undressed Skeleton by Taralynn McNitt) I just started following posted a recipe for candied carrots. Now when talking about it with several coworkers the opinions of how this would taste were mostly negative but I had hopes for this one. I made it with one box sugar free strawberry and one box regular orange jello. If it turns out good then next time I will do both boxes sugar free so it will be more diabetic friendly. I shredded some whole carrots myself instead of buying the bag of already shredded carrots--cheaper!

My Thoughts:
The next day I was worried when I tried it out because the carrots were very carroty but two days after making it was very good. The carrots were softer and sweeter. It was very good with some cool whip too. I took it for dessert during my 3 nights of work and it was a perfect sweet treat. I don't even think I will make it all sugar free next time because it didn't have a negative effect on my blood sugars--even with regular cool whip! J liked it the first time he tried it and kept asking for more. He also asked for more "school whip". Very sweet little man!

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