Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Best Baby Registry Gift (Still Used Every Day)

We are grateful for everything we received at our two baby showers for J and L. Rachel's mom and sister hosted a shower for family and friends. That day we were given the most useful gift that has been used at every stage and is still used every single day. Ken's aunt and uncle gave us a Fisher Price Smart Stages 3-in-1 Rocker Swing and it has been amazing! We had a bouncer seat on the floor that the boys started in, but it didn't take long for them to enjoy being rocked in the swing (and it was a great way to soothe and occupy one baby while the other was being changed, held, fed or rocked). The rocker easily detaches from the swing and has a fold-out kick-stand that reclines the seat and keeps it from moving. The straps kept the boys secure and the seat worked well for sleeping or giving them a different view.

Very early use - J with his oxygen and pulse-ox monitor before L came home from the hospital

One of L's first days at home

J in the walker playing with L. Great example of how the rocker keeps baby strapped in and secure. They did this many times and no, L never fell out...

The swing frame folds together and has been put away for about a year since J and L have outgrown it, but the rocker is still used every day. That chair quickly became L's favorite, and he loves relaxing, reading books, watching TV and playing with his toys in it. The only time it's not used is when we travel, and L definitely misses it! This 3-in-1 rocker swing has been so great for us, but unfortunately it looks like Fisher Price has discontinued it. The link I shared above is from Wal-Mart, the only site I found selling a similar model to ours, but it is marked as clearance and unavailable online. Looks like there may be a few left in the stores and they'll soon be all gone. Just checked to see if it had been recalled, and it has not. Too bad - it's been great for us and we'll definitely pass it on if/when L is finished with it so that someone else can have a great experience too.

Resting after a long, hard day at preschool

L watching J run around the living room with a toy

From last month - chair still fits L well, but a growth spurt might make it uncomfortable on the back of his head. Looks like he might need a new chair for Christmas.

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