Our Story

  After struggling to get pregnant for just under two years, Ken and I were blessed with twin boys. At our 20 week ultrasound we found out that Baby "B" was small and we needed to see a specialist. Baby "B" was 2 weeks behind in growth and was having issues with his blood flow and placenta. Due to these issues our babies were born at 28 weeks--3 months early. Baby "A" (J) did fantastic and came home after being in the NICU for only 2 months. Baby "B" (L) struggled and was very sick. We almost lost him several times but God blessed our family when after 4 months L got to come home. When L was a little over a year old he continued to have feeding issues and was really small. He got a feeding tube placed in his belly to help him grow. He is still smaller than his brother but they are both healthy and happy. Life hasn't always been easy and we have had many frustrations but we are so thankful for the life we do have. There are so many different paths our lives could have taken, good or bad, but we live in the comfort that we followed God's path. Everything we have been through is for a reason and one day the boys will have an amazing story to tell. Until then it is our job to raise Godly men and share their story until they are old enough to tell it themselves.

  We started this blog to provide recipes, honest review of products that have and haven't helped us and tips on saving money and living on one income. We will review normal children's items and also items for children with feeding tubes. We will teach what we are learning about money savings and our mistakes. We will always be honest about our thoughts, even when they are not popular. If you would like to know more about our story please contact us and we are more than willing to share.

Ken and Rachel
   J and L