Friday, July 27, 2012

Music For Kids - Part 3

Here is the third and last post about some of the music that we have discovered and introduced to the boys this past year.  Last fall our small group from church focused on how to guard a child's heart and mind while raising them in today's society.  We studied the book Guarding Your Child's Heart by Dr. Gary Smalley.  It explains how important Scripture memory and meditation is to our everyday life and encourages parents to get the Bible into your child's heart as early as possible.

One of the easiest things we have done to begin planting positive seeds into J and L is through music.  We found some really great music that the boys love and so do we!  Not nursery rhymes or the kind of songs that will drive you crazy after just a few seconds - really good modern music that makes Jesus and the Bible cool.  This week we are sharing music that your kids are sure to love.  We've introduced you to The Rizers and Go Fish - the last group we'll share for now is Hillsong Kids.

Hillsong Kids is the children's ministry of Hillsong Church, a global church that is one of the largest and most influential in the world.  Hillsong has two other worship ministries, Hillsong Live and Hillsong United, that write and release songs year after year that are used in churches around the world.  J and L love the music at church.  We pass our church on the way to and from preschool and every morning and afternoon they say they want to go to church!  This is an easy way to bring church home with us and have great music all week long.  Here are some of Hillsong Kids' releases:

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