Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Nap Nanny

Our lifesaver with L. I remember looking at parenting magazines before the twins were born and seeing this thing called the Nap Nanny. I thought it was neat and I checked out the website. I liked it but thought it was a little expensive. Flash forward a couple months and I had two premature boys that both liked to reflux and spit up. J only did it a little bit but L was a puker. He spent a lot of time on a hospital reflux wedge and still puked. I was sitting there one day in the NICU doing skin-to-skin with L and flipping through a magazine and saw another add for the Nap Nanny. I wanted it! I put it on our (and the boys) Christmas list and luckily some of my hubby's family pitched in and got us one. Once L came home he spent many hours on the reflux wedge until he outgrew it and then we started putting him on the Nap Nanny. He stayed in it until he was almost 2. The only reason he stopped sleeping in it was he was too active and he kept crawling out of it. The night he crawled out and pulled his feeding tube out of his belly was his last night! He still uses it when he is sick to lay in the living room and watch TV. J even likes to lay in it when he is sick too. This product was well worth every penny we didn't pay for it and would recommend it to anybody that has a baby! It is great for the severe refluxers like L but also for babies with colds or just a little reflux. We all hear stories about the babies that can only sleep in their car seat or baby swing...this is the perfect option for a comfortable and safe inclined sleeper.

 L watching tv while getting a tube feed. We had a system of layering blankets over the Nap Nanny since we had many episodes of throwing up a day and an occasional diaper blow out. When a blanket would get dirty we would just peel it off and there was a clean one under it. This helped us from having to wash our Nap Nanny every day several times! You can also buy extra covers for them which is what we should have done but our sleep deprived minds didn't even think about that!
 We would take the Nap Nanny to the hospital with us because it make L feel more secure and rest easier. It was something familiar from home. This picture was from a 10 day pneumonia stay and he was on the mend-note toy in mouth!
 The cover has a zipper on the bottom to take it off and on the foam piece. There are also D-rings that help secure the cover to the foam. This is from the first generation when the lap belt was just attached to the cover. The newer generation of Nap Nanny's lap belts are more secure and actually attach to the foam.
Another great thing that helped us was they made a travel cover for it so it helped us keep it clean and prevented any damage!

 One thing to note is the Nap Nanny is to only be used on the floor-Never in a crib or elevated surface. L didn't sleep in his crib until he was almost 2! This is one of the reasons....escape artists! They can climb out and then get stuck and then be in a dangerous situation. As L got older he became pretty good at escaping the Nap Nanny.

So bottom line: BUY IT! We would have paid for 20 of them if needed......

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