Saturday, May 19, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 3 - Change in plans

Please remember we are new to this whole kids in daycare business and we forget/don't know many things. I am sure some of you will think "duh" but we had the boys at home for the first 2 years of their lives and being the sole caregivers, we are just a little behind the curve!

When thinking about gifts to get for anyone in a school...try to remember that most schools these days are going peanut free. Peanut allergies are serious and can be life threatening. All this to say that as we were driving home Tuesday evening it hit me... we can't give Wednesday's gift as the daycare is a peanut free zone! It was supposed to be a little bag of peanuts (we got a trail mix bag) and the quote was "we are NUTS about you" - cute, huh? Well I get to take trail mix in my lunches for the next couple weeks!

One of my favorite gifts got nixed by my hubby due to price/size of the item. Not that it was a lot but just more them some of the other items. I got to pick it for the replacement for the deadly peanuts. The water and tea added another 10 dollars for a grand total of $37 which is not as impressive as the lower total but  still not bad.
For a TEA-riffic teacher

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