Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 1

This past week was teacher appreciation week. I hope you let your children's teachers know how much you appreciate the time, love, and care they give your child. It was also nurses week and I really appreciate all the hard work my fellow nurses do and understand how exhausting and rewarding it can be! Thanks!

Our household consists of me working a full time job (night shift) and hubby staying home to take care of the house and the boys while I am working/sleeping. Needless to say that living on one income is quite hard these days and just when you think you have a little breathing room...something breaks! We have a very tight budget and we (me) have a hard time sticking to it.

After searching my favorite site (Pinterest), I found multiple ideas for small gifts (and cheesy quotes) we could do for each day of the week. Off to Dollar Tree we went with our list of items in hand. I had picked my top 5 but had at least 4 others to choose from in case they didn't have it or it was going to be too much for the budget. I also wanted to get something small for the boys' school nurse as she spends almost every day with L taking care of his needs and a couple times a week with J's boo-boos. We decided to make 12 gifts for the teachers and administration for the daycare (it is a small daycare) and do 5 days worth of gifts. Below is a picture of everything we got for the week and the total was only $27 which I though was pretty good! If we had remembered/known that teachers appreciation week was coming we would probably have done some couponing and a little more planning. This is the first year the boys have been in school so every event is new to us and we just didn't realize it was coming! I know this post doesn't do you any good now as the week is over but next year we will revisit and have some things planned ahead of time!

These are all the things we bought at the Dollar Tree, including the gifts for the school nurse

Day one: 
GIFT: Highlighter
QUOTE: " Thanks  for  making my school  year "BRIGHT"

All 12 in the basket, ready for delivery. The boys loved passing them out to everyone.
School nurses gift: 
Cupcake post-its
Crystal Light On The Go packs
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Lotion
Girl & Boy ice packs (J calls ours "boo-boo bear") 
Jolly Ranchers  
Blue Basket

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