Sunday, May 13, 2012

Potty Chairs

Potty training is in full swing in our house. Hubby and I bought our first potty chair at Walmart because:
a. we were there and
b. it was cheap!
  It was a Safety 1st Nature 3-in-1 potty chair. It was a potty, trainer seat, and step stool. Well we got it home and let J and L sit on it. They both did fantastic and went pee the first time! It was at that time we realized we may need to get a different seat. The splashgaurd was very short and didn't guard anything, the seat didn't settle well and pinched their bottoms, and the rubber pieces that prevent it from sliding kept falling off and made the seat uneven. Also the trainer seat was very small so when it got on the real toilet it was wobbly and J felt nervous when sitting on it.

  After seeing a cute frog potty seat (Fisher-Price Precious Planet Potty) at a friend's house we decided to get it and give it a try. It was great! The front was tall and kept all the pee where it should be. The seat itself was a little narrower than the previous one so my boys with short legs had a easier time getting on and off it. The only negative was that instead of only having to buy one seat, now you have to buy a separate trainer seat for the toilet. The boys being comfortable and going potty are well worth a little extra money for a separate seat!

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