Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New and improved potty seat

The boys are coming along with the potty training. J is wearing pull-ups all day long and is getting better at letting us know when he needs to go. L is getting better too and will usually follow brother into the bathroom and go or at least try. L usually uses the frog potty seat that sits on the floor, and J usually will sit on his Sesame Street Elmo potty seat that is on the toilet in their bathroom.

We bought the Elmo seat at a consignment sale and the boys love it, but it did not come with a splash guard. We soon discovered that the splash guard was a critical part of the seat and would make things much easier for all of us. I looked on and found a Disney Cars potty seat with an over-sized splash guard for less than $11.00. It arrived today and was simple to assemble. The price was great and the splash guard will make potty and cleanup time so much easier!

Here's what J has been using

New and improved seat with much bigger splash guard

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