Monday, June 4, 2012

Kids Eating Free

Right now J and L are small enough that they usually just eat off of my plate but very soon J is going to have to have his own plate. He is a growing boy and can eat enough food sometimes for both him and L. L is tube fed so he will occasionally nibble on a piece of bread or french fry but we don't spend money for his food at restaurants. As a one income family eating out is a rare treat and about to get rarer as we are tightening the purse strings! The last couple years have been crazy with having premature twin babies and we haven't done a very good job sticking to a budget. We are going to work one out and get back on track! One thing that I have found helpful is this wonderful website:

All you have to do is click the "START YOUR SEARCH" tab, enter your state, enter the city you will be eating in, and what days you want to know about. Your choices are all days or pick one specific day.  I wanted to see what was around our town so I put all my info in and chose to see all days and I only got 5 choices. I know that there are at least 3-4 other restaurants that offer kids eat free nights around town and the website has a place to let them know so they can continuously update their site. I will have to go and verify a couple of them but then I will be sending them the info so others in my area can know about free eating too.

Now just for fun I looked at a town we were passing through (Nashville, TN) on our family vacation and was surprised that they only had 11 restaurants (including a couple neighboring towns) that they listed. I was sure they would have tons more. I just looked at New York, New York and they only had 9 places! I am not sure if it is because not many restaurants are offering kids eat free right now or because this website isn't well known. My guess would be a mixture of both leaning towards the latter.

Pass the word around, let the site know of your favorite kids eat free places, and go enjoy a "nice and relaxing" dinner with the kids.....haha! Or at least a meal where you don't have to pay for your kids!

Also a good point the website makes is always call ahead to make sure that the information is still correct and current. I would hate to go somewhere to find they had stopped doing it or changed the night!

Side Note: If you are a family that needs help getting out of dept, saving money, making a budget, and getting financially secure please check out our favorite person Dave Ramsey. I am sure hubby will be writing a blog about him and his plan very soon, He gets a little excited about that kinda stuff! (Yes I married a nerd but he is such a good looking nerd!)

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