Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How We Chose Diapers For The Boys

I know there are very many options when it comes to diapers. Since J and L were premature twins with reflux and other needs (home oxygen, pulse-ox monitor, L had to spend most of his time being held or laying on a wedge to stay elevated) we did not even consider cloth diapers. I've heard they save money and some have used delivery services that make it convenient. If cloth diapers have worked for you, please leave a comment and let me know. For us, our first year was consumed with round-the-clock feeding, changing, and medicating (J had a couple and L had 7 daily medications) while trying to get a little sleep, monthly appointments with multiple doctors and hospital clinics, therapies, surgeries, and much much more.

Before the boys were born, I heard one of our friends talk about ordering diapers online, and that is where we began. I'll write a detailed post about the sites we used, how we liked it, costs and convenience, and what we've found to be the best. For now, I'll just say that the boys began their lives using Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive in the hospital. J was there for 6 weeks and it was 4 months before L was able to come home - those diapers worked well for them, so we saw no reason to change.

Yes, brand-name diapers are more expensive and after a few months at home we tried other brands to try saving money. Every baby is different and you may have had great experiences with store-brand diapers, but they just did not work for us. The Target brand did not fit as well, were much thinner, and we had to change the boys at least twice as often (plus deal with many more blowouts than normal). The Wal-Mart brand fit better, but again were thinner, less absorbent, and L's skin had a bad reaction to them. We buy store-brand food and most other things almost exclusively, but when it came to diapers, Pampers were the softest, held the most, and required less changing. For us, the premium price was definitely worth it.

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers

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  1. We also went through the same process. Pampers worked for us too. Huggies never really "fit" right, but we did buy the store brand for daycare. the daycare was required to check and/or change them every hour. I was shocked, when after a week were told that we needed to bring some more to daycare.